"Credit insurance helped us increase our profitability and introduce us to new markets."

Mr Patrick Chan, Assistant General Manager of Risk Management, Willas-Array 

Atradius South Korea

Atradius South Korea is one of the latest members of our established Atradius Credit Insurance Asia team. Headed by country manager, Jae Hyung Ko, our South Korea bureau is located in Seoul and is known locally as Atradius Trade Insurance Brokerage Yuhan Hoesa.


Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge in credit insurance and global trade, we work closely with local strategic partners. In line with regulatory requirements, our partners issue the credit insurance policies. These include Seoul Guarantee Insurance (SGI), DB Insurance, Hyundai Insurance and KB Insurance.


Our skilled staff understand the needs of the regional export market and work closely with our partners, businesses and brokers to create the best credit insurance solutions.

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What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade credit insurance protects your business from the risk of non-payment by your customers. For example, if you sell goods or services on credit, this insurance can protect you against the losses that would be incurred if your customer does not pay your bill. Our trade credit insurance solutions can protect your business with both domestic and international trade. In addition to providing peace of mind, trade credit insurance can help your business explore new markets with confidence knowing that you will be paid while you benefit from our insights and market knowledge.


Our partners and we work alongside you or your broker to assess the creditworthiness of your customers. If they – and the market they operate in – are credit worthy, our partners will insure the credit terms of your trade with them. Our partners and we will continue to monitor your customer and the market and will inform you of any changes that could affect their credit worthiness.


Learn more about trade credit insurance with this short video: Credit insurance explained by Atradius.


Credit insurance can help with your cash flow, as well as providing a range of benefits including:

  • Increased access to finance, as we can provide your bank with the reassurances it needs when extending finance to you
  • A reduction in your bad debt provision and, in turn, a healthier balance sheet
  • The confidence to seek out new markets and customers, and benefit from the growth this may bring

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Kyobo Building 15F,

1 Jonro, Jongro-gu

03154 Seoul

South Korea


Telephone: +82 2 722 8979

Email: info.kr@atradius.com

Our partnerships in South Korea

We work with our local partners to serve the needs of our customers by providing certain technical support to them who issue the policies in South Korea. They are:

  • SGI Seoul Guarantee – Domestic
  • Hyundai Insurance – Export
  • DB Insurance – Export
  • KB Insurance – Export

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