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Vincent Ku, Atradius Country Manager Hong Kong and Taiwan

Atradius Taiwan

Atradius has a strong presence in Taiwan, bringing a wealth of international trading expertise to the island since 2006. Based in Taipei, with additional support from our offices in Hong Kong, our team of experienced B2B credit management professionals provide technical support including buyer and policy underwriting, claims administration and mitigation of loss for our local partner MSIG Mingtai Insurance Co Ltd.

Trade credit insurance policies are issued in Taiwan by our partner, MSIG Mingtai, and include whole turnover and single buyer policies. The policies are written in English and can be issued in NTD, USD, JPY and EUR. Chinese wordings can be provided to brokers and customers for reference.

Our primary driver is to build long-lasting relationships with customers, strengthened by knowledge and understanding. Our partner’s account management and commercial teams work with you to understand your business and share our wealth of data on worldwide markets and opportunities. Our aim is to help your business grow, while enabling you to minimise the risks associated with trading on credit through our partnership with MSIG Mingtai.

According to Atradius research into B2B payments behaviour in 2020, Taiwan’s businesses are more willing to extend credit to B2B customers than in previous years. Analysts believe the coronavirus outbreak, combined with the ongoing US-China trade tensions and the slowdown of China’s economy may have encouraged many local businesses to try and increase their competitive edge. However, alongside this increase in the use of trade credit is a rise in late payments and pressures on cash flow and the suggestion that many more Taiwanese businesses could benefit from the use of credit insurance.

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What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade credit insurance protects your business from the risk of non-payment by your customers. For example, if you sell goods or services on credit, this insurance can protect you against the losses that would be incurred if your customer does not pay your bill. Trade credit insurance solutions can protect your business with both domestic trade in Taiwan and international export trade. In addition to providing peace of mind, trade credit insurance can help your business explore new markets with confidence knowing that you will be paid while you benefit from our insights and market knowledge.

Working with our partner, MSIG Mingtai, we operate alongside you or your broker to assess the creditworthiness of your customers. We then continue to monitor your customer and the market, aiming to inform you of changes that could affect their creditworthiness.

 Learn more about trade credit insurance with this short video: Credit insurance explained by Atradius.



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We work with a local partner to provide you with the highest levels of business trade support. Our partner in Taiwan is MSIG Mingtai Insurance Co Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group. The relationship with our partner is managed by the Atradius Hong Kong office.

MSIG Mingtai Insurance Co Ltd

8F No.1 Sec. 4 Renai Rd., Taipei , Taiwan  ( postcode 10685)

Company name : MSIG Mingtai Insurance Co., Ltd.

Company code : 07192904

Tel: +886 2 2173 3605



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