What is debt recovery?

Commercial debt recovery is the process of collecting on overdue invoices.

It is governed by legal process and is sensitive to the needs of business that may prefer to maintain positive ongoing relationships with debtor customers.


Atradius Collections is an experienced business debt collection agency. We operate with a worldwide team, so we are well-placed to support you should your customer be located in a foreign territory.


Process: Recover bad debt

In the first instance we always recommend amicable debt collection. Perhaps your customer simply needs a little more time to settle their bill or would benefit from a staged repayment plan. In our experience, catering to such needs can lead to stronger ongoing relationships between you and your customers.


Amicable debt collection

The best debt collection process begins with a telephone call. A friendly call is a great way to keep up a good relationship with your customer and, should they settle the invoice, an easy way to resolve the debt.


You can escalate the ‘friendly call’ with dunning letters. These are a series of written communications that remind your debtor to pay up. These are usually employed every week once an invoice has become due and, like the phone call, start off friendly and escalate in tone and demands. Dunning letters are subject to the laws of your debtor’s location. This is an area where Atradius Collections can support you.


Legal debt collection

Atradius Collections has many years experience in negotiating with liquidators and has access to legal networks including lawyers and enforcement officers. If you need to take legal action to recoup money owed to your business, our local team will be able to recommend how to proceed. The legal steps open to you will be dependent on the circumstances of the debt and your debtor’s jurisdiction.


Atradius commercial debt collection services

In addition to amicable and legal debt collection, Atradius Collections Hong Kong can support you with the following services:


First Party Collections – this custom-made solution is based on your business's needs helps you stay on top of cash flow with responsive invoice management.


Amicable Debt Collections - non-contentious solutions to help promote and retain positive working relationships with your customers.


Legal Collections – take action against your debtor, no matter where they are located in the world with our network of lawyers.


Insolvency Services – access guidance and support through both domestic and international claims processes.


Standby Servicing - aimed at financial institutions, this service monitors your portfolio and takes swift action when payment issues become apparent.

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